Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate & Other Civil Document Search

We can verify and obtain copies of most any document that you may need, whether for a legal case, marriage annulment, or simply to make a well-informed decision, for example marriage records, birth certificate, or the following. We also offer fast 1-day service.


* Marriage Certificate

* Marriage License

* Birth Certificate

* Death Certificate

* Vehicle Registration

* Professional Licenses


For the birth certificate service, there may be a baptismal birth certificate filed at the church or parish and a civil  birth certificate, filed at the NSO.


In the Philippines as in most countries, the civil registrars manage birth records, marriage records, and death records. When a couple marries, the marriage is recorded in 4 documents:


* Marriage contract

* Marriage license

* Application for a marriage license

* Marriage certificate

The marriage certificate is normally the most meaningful for most people.


Only the marriage contract is forwarded to the National Census and Statistics Office, also known as the NSO. The other three remain in the office of the local civil registrar, although the couple may be given a copy of their marriage certificate, which contains the following information for both parties:


* Names

* Ages

* Nationalities

* Residences

* Premarital status (single, widowed, annulled, and so forth)

* Parents’ names and nationalities

* Place of marriage

* Date of marriage

* Witness names

* Name of the official who married the couple


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